Hi! I’m Ashley.

I’m a designer, UX practictioner, front-end developer, project manager, creative director and teacher.

Some of my select work is below. Take a look at my resume. Say hello.

A Brand’s Evolution

Shaping a company’s brand from a logo to website to products to promotional campaigns

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A Company and Product Launch

Launching a company brand and product interface

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A Promotional Campaign

Extending the brand of a company’s conference and highlighting the product’s strengths

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A Rebrand and Refresh

Integrating the refresh of a company’s and product’s interfaces to improve UX/UI, all taking cues from the product.

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A Facelift for Interfaces

Redesigning all of a company’s and product’s digital presences

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A Medley of Projects

From interfaces to websites to multimedia to illustration. Click on a project to the right to view other types of my work.

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